Mexico City

One of the most enjoyable destinations in the world.

Welcome to one of the most vibrating and Cosmopolitan cities in the world.


Locates 2220 meters above the sea level, with a population of over 21 million inhabitants (including the metropolitan area), Mexico City has something for every type of traveler. In this city full of history and dynamism, archeological sites coexist with historical buildings and avant-garde constructions that will amaze and delight locals and visitors alike.

Mexico City, besides featuring all kinds of urban interests like attractive sites, coffee shops, internationally renowned restaurants, street art, events and spectacles, is, after London, the city with the most museums in the world, offering a wide cultural and artistic exposure in 150 officially recognized venues.


Nápoles is a neighborhood full of contrast.
It is an area with great commercial growth, showing avant garde constructions but preserves the essence of its origins: a calm local ambient. It is a centric, tranquil and comfortable option within the city.

This neighborhood is very well connected with other zones of the city, like the historical downtown or the traditional southern part of the city. Besides, it offers a wide gastronomical, cultural and commercial offer, without leaving put the possibility of wandering through its streets and parks, getting to know the best of this area.

Colonia del Valle is one of the most centric areas in Mexico City. A residential neighborhood with parks, malls and wide streets that allow locals to share the space with retail locals, offices and restaurants. Its privileged location offers connection with different areas of the city, by different means of transportations.

It is possible to find four metro (subway) stations, Line 1 of the Metrobus and several routes of local buses and microbuses. Colonia del Valle is the perfect place to feel like a local in Mexico City, all thanks to its residential vibe, easy access and transport options.

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